Your Teeth: The Dental Equivalent of Your Horoscope

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How the Shape of Your Teeth Can Shape Your Destiny

There is something about horoscopes that appeals to both the hardcore believers and the folks who simply get a kick out of reading them. As we looked into the study more, we found a dental equivalent: the shape of your teeth. How does the shape of your teeth affect your destiny? That’s the question that many have raised about morphopsychology, a branch of science that links human facial composition to personality types.

Our teeth are an important component of our overall appearance, which is why researchers on the Internet have taken the liberty of associating teeth shape with innate characteristics.

Square Teeth

Just like the stereotypical personality of a “square,” square teeth are supposed to be an indication of orderliness. Some characteristics that those with square teeth are thought to have include the ability to take control of situations and to keep ideas in perspective with logic. It would seem that square-toothed individuals live mainstream, risk-averse lives.

In other words, they’re not exactly the adventurous type. Instead, their calm demeanor drives them to pursue serenity, and they like everything to be in its place. If you’re looking for someone you can rely on and who has their head on their shoulders and gives great rational advice, find yourself a square-toothed friend.

Oval Teeth

Another phenomenon on the personality spectrum are the oval-toothed individuals. These are the creative minds and the conceptual thinkers. When you imagine oval-toothed individuals, you can imagine the artsy bunch who you can spot from a mile away because of how overtly they express themselves. From the way they walk to the way they talk and the way they dress, everything about them screams, “Art.”

These individuals are colorful in their self-expression because they’re sensitive but not necessarily outgoing. Although art calls for unconventional thinking, they’re very organized and prefer their tasks to be in order and completed to perfection. Want to befriend an oval-toothed person? Strike up a conversation with them because they’re probably not going to start the conversation themselves.

Rectangular Teeth

Having rectangular teeth is the equivalent of owning a Chanel handbag or being part of the popular circle in high school. Regardless of which metaphor resonates with you the most, the point is that having rectangular teeth is linked with having high status.

In contrast to that superficial assumption, people with rectangular teeth are also said to be practical, rational, and realistic, and they can be down-to-earth as well. They’re also optimistic and lively people. Considering adding someone to your circle? Don’t let their popularity intimidate you. Take the plunge and approach a rectangular-tooth-shaped person because they are friendly and accommodating with many other tooth shapes.

Triangular Teeth

Stressed about work? Worried about the future? Angry for absolutely no reason? Triangular tooth-shaped individuals are the people you befriend when it is time to laugh and let loose. They don’t have a care in the world and are always living in the moment. These rays of sunshine are immensely optimistic, follow their hearts, and do what makes them happy. We can learn a thing or two from them when it comes to not caring about what other people think of us!

Experience the Personalized Care of Prosthodontic Service

That was fun, wasn’t it? Just as some people might feel that multiple zodiac signs describe them, some patients might wonder what happens if you’re both organized and optimistic. Artsy and outgoing? Loud and logical? The good news is that your teeth shape isn’t the be-all, end-all of who you are. Similarly, your prosthodontist won’t shape your teeth in a certain way just because you’re an outgoing person.

There is no handbook titled Smile Makeover Rules, and that’s why you need an expert in the cosmetic dentistry field, like Dr. Faraj Edher, who has an eye for detail to understand what works best for you. Prosthodontics requires a high level of personalization, and you can trust our team to create the best artificial replacement for your smile. The goal is always to match your smile with your face shape and personality in a way that makes it unique to you. Once we fit you with your dream smile, no matter what shape it might be, you’ll be smiling ear to ear.

If you are ready for Dr. Faraj Edher to create your dream smile with the ideal teeth shape for you, call our office at (604) 670-8005 or contact us online today!