Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a Day in Vancouver

Enjoy a New Smile Almost Instantly

"Teeth in a Day" is a marvelous advancement in dentistry where patients can enjoy their new smile after dental implants have been placed. This means you can receive the implant and accompanying crown all in one day, or receive a fully functioning set of teeth all in the same appointment. Teeth in a Day is a perfect solution for those with missing teeth. Dr. Edher is proud to offer teeth-in-a-day procedures for his patients in Vancouver, so they can leave his office ready to speak and smile on the same day as their surgery

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Benefits of Same-Day Implants

Some of the benefits of Teeth in a Day include:

  • Shorter treatment time, get your new teeth in just one appointment rather than waiting for multi-step procedures that can stretch out for 6 to 12 months
  • Better patient comfort and convenience, because you’ll be able to heal quickly so you’ll be using your new teeth right away
  • Long-lasting cosmetic outcome with predictable results
  • Long-term solution for missing teeth, rather than having dentures which must be refitted occasionally

Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth in a Day?

Not all patients with missing teeth are considered the best candidates for Teeth in a Day, due to the lack of jawbone strength which cannot sustain dental implants. However, bone loss from gum disease doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to have dental implants, but it usually means your bone density must be bolstered with synthetic bone grafts to support future implants, to ensure your odds of success are higher.

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