Why Investing in Your Smile is an Investment in Your Confidence

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What Can A Smile Makeover Do for My Confidence?

Outrageous, hilarious, overtly risqué – Yes, Austin Powers is a character for the books. His exuberant quirkiness, matched with an oddly large amount of confidence is reflected in Powers’ slightly off-putting, yet iconic smile. But let’s admit it, the larger majority of people would probably opt for nicer teeth as a source of confidence rather than pushing the type of humor that’s earned this character such positive sentiment.

In fact, nice teeth and beautiful smiles are being dubbed as “social assets”. No, not the resources you show the bank when taking out an equity loan for a new house.

It is the overarching idea of owning something that holds value with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.

What does that mean? Owning a head-turning smile that has you bursting at the seams to show off because of a genuine feeling of happiness.

Do I Need A Smile Makeover?

Where your jaw starts to hurt as a natural reaction to being internally ecstatic about… well, everything!

The reason you are searching for new-found confidence may stem from many reasons, including:

  • An unfortunate childhood mishap during an intense game of hopscotch on a Saturday afternoon.
  • A consequence of that old smoking habit you finally parted ways with but left you with discolored teeth as a loving memory.
  • Being overly blessed by the fact that your teeth don’t crowd, to the point where you have excess space between each one.

What Are the Benefits of A Smile Makeover?

Rest assured, all the reasons listed and any other ones you suffer from each have a tailored solution in the smile makeover world. Now that you got your smile makeover and you’re feeling great, where’s the return you’re expecting to reap from your confidence-boosting investment? The answer is that newly created, fiery urge to go out, and the string of benefits that inevitably follow.

Where you now look forward to going to that party instead of having your friends drag you against your will. Where, as a result of putting yourself out there and making new connections, you stumble across more opportunities. Gaining that extra edge in the job interview you landed because of your growing network by exuberating a friendly front through your new smile.

The thing is, it no longer becomes about the direct aftermath of taking the financial plunge to get that smile makeover. It is the long-term, life-enhancing occurrences that will quietly, yet powerfully follow you.

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How Cosmetic Dentists Can Help

Luckily, the field of cosmetic dentistry can create genuinely happier people through unique, beautiful smiles. What’s even better is that there are highly qualified cosmetic dentists with a passion for creating those smiles, like Dr. Faraj Edher. By keeping up with ongoing and cutting-edge technological advances in prosthodontics, smile makeover specialists like Dr. Edher are always getting closer to achieving that confidence-boosting smile you’ve been dreaming about

If you have questions about the smile makeover or any other services we provide at our Vancouver office, don’t hesitate to contact us at (604) 670-8005 today – we will be happy to assist you.