The Irony of a Successful Smile Makeover: It's Not in Your Face

Happy Dental Client Smiling

That is what your interior designer friend said to you, grinning, after revealing their newly renovated space. You think it looks great but as you squint to figure out what exactly those details are, you can’t seem to put your finger on a single one.

This is the same feeling your prosthodontist is going for after completing your smile makeover. Unless you are looking to get drastic reconstructive work done to your current smile such as replacing a missing tooth or fixing major gaps, ending up with loud results isn’t exactly desirable.

How Is A Smile Makeover Done?

The nuances of whiter, straighter, longer, or wider teeth are meant to be enhanced so subtly that the final product looks effortlessly natural. Kind of like a refreshing look you get from applying your makeup in a way that looks like you have not put any on. But how is it done?

Imagine telling your dentist over a phone call that you want your teeth to be whiter. Instead of booking you in for a one-on-one to better understand what you’re looking for, they have you immediately come in to fit on some veneers- those things that stick to your teeth for a few decades at a time.

Needless to say, your commitment to veneers or any long-term dental procedure should be as thoroughly explored as your marriage commitment, more or less.

Before and After Replacing Unhealthy Veneers

Communicate with Your Dental Provider

Because “natural” doesn’t equal “standard”, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your smile-enhancing desires. That’s why the first step to ensuring you’re on the right smile make-over track is to openly express what you’re looking for with your dentist.

With today’s technological advancements in the dentistry field, many tools help foster clearer communication between what you’re looking for as a patient and the potential solutions your dentist can provide.

How Digital Technology Helps

Dr. Faraj Edher is a prosthodontist who specializes in smile makeovers, particularly with the use of digital technology. He says there’s technology out there that people don’t even know exists and can show you your future smile before you even get started!

That conversation with your prosthodontist wasn’t merely a heart-to-heart for the work yet to come. While you were feeling increasingly at ease about your smile makeover, he/she was observing your mannerisms, speech, and smile architecture.

Everything from tooth color to lip symmetry, your prosthodontist was taking mental notes and details of it all – the same ones your interior designer friend considered when recreating that room you loved for some reason.

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Getting that finished look of flawless teeth without blinding the people you smile for is a balancing act that all cosmetic dentists walk. The bottom line is that the “makeover” part of a smile makeover doesn’t entail transformation into another person. It’s the amount of aesthetic sensitivity that your prosthodontist possesses to enhance your current smile into something new, but you.

The literal intersection of art and science. A tall order? Not for a detail-oriented perfectionist who just so happens to specialize in transforming smiles. There is a reason why people want the best of the best visit experts like Dr. Faraj Edher, you just have to see some of the transformations he's done to understand why.

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