Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching In Vancouver

Be Dazzling with a Bright Smile

Ever wish you could have a Hollywood smile? It’s one of the most common complaints people have about their teeth: they wish they were whiter. Dr. Faraj Edher and his associates use the latest teeth-whitening technology to brighten your smile by several shades, either through in-office bleaching or by providing you with a take-home kit to whiten your teeth on your own.

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There are plenty of reasons why your teeth may be duller than they used to look, for instance, if your teeth are stained from drinking coffee every morning or using tobacco. A dull smile can make you look older than your age and even less healthy. If the source of your tooth discoloration can be corrected through teeth whitening and bleaching, the staff will let you know what your options are for optimal aesthetic results. Whiter teeth can give you the confidence boost you’re looking for, making it easier to show off your dazzling smile to the world.

Tired of Stained Teeth? Dr. Faraj Edher Can Help!

It’s not just you who is concerned about an off-white or less-than-sparkling smile. So many things can cause your teeth to look dingier than they used to, but Dr. Edher can help you regain a brilliant smile that won’t embarrass you. While you may think that drugstore whitening kits are the most economical and provide good enough results, these kits can be messy and ineffective at providing the best outcome. Our team uses advanced, professional whitening procedures, so you’ll notice a difference in the shade of your teeth in almost no time at all.

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  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Canada
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